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This priority information is contained in the repository list (file) in each agent.

Multiple remote handlers can help you address scalability and topology issues in your network.

They can provide fault tolerant and load-balanced communication with a large number of agents, including geographically distributed agents.

An Agent Handler is the component of e Policy Orchestrator that handles communication between the agent and the e PO server.

Each installation of e PO includes an Agent Handler.

Handler priority tells the agents which handler to communicate with first.

If the handler with the highest priority is unavailable, the agent falls back to the next handler in the list.

Note: When an agent checks in with its handler, if the handler does not have the updates needed, it retrieves them from the assigned repository and caches them, while passing the update through to the agent.

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Agent Handlers distribute network traffic, which is generated by an agent-to-server communication interval (ASCI), by assigning managed systems or groups of systems to report to a specific Agent Handler.Once assigned, a managed system performs regular agent-server communication to its Agent Handler instead of to the main e PO server.