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23-Nov-2014 04:37

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And a profile on, you can BS on LI too... in a random search of random connections, only 1 out of 10 had filled out info... If you've done your profile right, it should be mostly professional with a splash of other personal things you're involved in. (a) most people do not have their profiles filled out... ) (2) It offers the most important info about potential business contacts, employees, employers. Did you even look at profiles before writing this article? (And as an aside, the next person to send a "dating site-like" in Mail be prepared to be named and shamed! (4) You can deduce a lot from the little info Linked In gathers. Dating sites exist for a reason; because people go there with the expectation of getting messages of that nature. and I dare say about 90% of the 330+ million didn't either. Absolutely some of those people are single, and hey, they may be prospecting for much more on LI, but I'm willing to bet that they're a minority.And when it's treated like a dating site, you put others in an incredibly awkward position with the creepy, inappropriate inmail messages... So let's focus on keeping Linked In on connecting people on a professional level and let the dating experts at e Harmony & worry about connecting people on the love-level.

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of people who are interested in business & professional networking.

I just can't even go here, especially because he compared to Tinder. Just like they don't come to see selfies and memes.

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