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There is no legitimate reason but then there was none that justified the persecution of the Jewish people either.” By likening the German government’s treatment of Scientologists to Nazi barbarism, the Church of Scientology didn’t just draw a vulgar comparison: It turned the country’s official anti-Scientology posture on its head.Hamburg has a 2,500-strong Jewish population, and there are around 118,000 in Germany overall.One million Muslim refugees arrived in Germany over the last year.Leonie Goldberg, head of Wuppertal’s Jewish Community, told Der Spiegel: “I thought the time of the packed suitcases was for always over.Now I am considering when we need to pack these suitcases again.” The Jerusalem Post said 200 German Jews moved to Israel in 2015. Yet it conformed to the Church’s campaign, started several years earlier, to brand modern Germany as akin to the Third Reich. 29, 1994, in the stated, “You may wonder why German officials discriminate against Scientologists. Signed by 34 prominent figures in the entertainment industry—none of them Scientologists and many of them Jews—the letter went on to accuse the German government of “repeating the deplorable tactics” of Nazi Germany against the self-proclaimed religion started in 1952 by science-fiction author L. This initiative, endorsed by the likes of Goldie Hawn, Larry King, Dustin Hoffman, and Oliver Stone, was orchestrated not by the Church of Scientology but by Bertram Fields, lawyer to the sect’s most famous member, Tom Cruise.It pointed out that the figure is actually quite high considering the older age of Germany's Jews.

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Jewish people no longer feel safe living in Germany, it has been claimed.The leader of Hamberg’s Jewish community, Daniel Killy, told the Jerusalem Post: “We no longer feel safe here.” He went on to explain how a combination of extreme right-wing forces, deteriorating security, and Germany welcoming of refugees brought up in cultures "steeped in hatred" for Jews were resulting in anti-Semitism.Mr Killy referenced a report published on, authored by expert in extremist ideology Patrick Gensing.In the report he said: “Anti-Semitic sentiments have diverse manifestations in Germany.

[There are studies that point to] “historical defensive guilt [about the Holocaust], obsessive criticism of Israel, National Socialist racism, Muslim anti-Semitism [and] Christian anti-Semitism.” An article published on included an interview with 22-year-old Jewish man, Elliot Reich, who took part in a pro-Israel demonstration in 2014.

Reich said he was surprised at the animosity against the marchers, claiming counter-protesters shouted things like: "’Hamas, Hamas! ’ Words like this have nothing to do with Israel - they are purely anti-Semitic.” Mr Gensing also pointed to a reported attack on a synagogue near Dusseldorf.