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A Beerck, 309 Elm St.; notebook pages with costs of work done at 309 Elm St.;deposit slip for National Branch Bank for house; 6 1940’s travel postcards sent home by Dad; letter on horses sent to Wm.Beerk, Harness Shop, Madison Ind; 1940’s Federal tax returns for Wm.Andress, with map, sketches, and genealogy chart”,30 page spiral bound book; photocopy, photo of Nola and Kenneth Andress; newspaper clipping, October 20, 1995: “Andresses note 50th wedding anniversary”; invitation to 50th anniversary reception for Nola and Kenneth Andress. Armstrong, Beverly Firth – 40th Anniversary wedding photograph, Madison Courier, February 22, 2002. Baxter Family – 1 typed page of Baxter family tree from James Baxter, b. Bear and Lesetta Mouser, 1884; pages from book compiled by Charles von Dietrich Knighton on Bear family; photocopies of photographs of Charles and Lesetta Bear and children; newspaper article, December 29, 2007, “Dr.Andrews, Bill – Newspaper article on becoming sheriff, January 18, 2003. William Bear – Retiring optometrist shared his vision with others“; Madison Courier articles, January 1,2000 on Donald Bear and Oscar Bear, Sr.; photocopy, newspaper obituary, February 23, 1970; photocopy, undated article from The Madison Democrat about Judge P. Bear; printout, notes on Perry Ellsworth Bear, Judge; three pages from Bible, undated marriage certificate for Mandana Bear and Edward L.Beerck; 2 copies of Article of Agreement – sale of property from Peter Beerck to William Beerck; 1944 will of William A. Hatch from AB Thrasher; 2 business cards for William Beerck; Obituaries for Peter and Mrs. Allen Family – 2 typed pages by Robert Scott, 2007, from John Allen and Isabel Wilson. Amos, Gerald (Bunny) – Photocopy, newspaper article, December 22, 1960, “‘Bunny’ Amos Saves Boy, 1 1/2”. Bacon and James Moses Bacon; Photocopy, page, 1827 Jeff Co Tax Assessors Book; Photocopy obituary; Brown Cemetery record; Photocopy marriage license, James Bacon and Arie M. Bailey, David Wallingford – chart for David Wallingford Bailey, son of Aaron Bailey, b. Baker, Samuel Family – Copy of 1893 Obituary for John Baker; Find A Grave memorial for John I. Ball, Spencer – Obituary, born June 8, 1805; died in 84th year. – Photocopy of 1911 letter from Civil War general, thanking H. Barber, George – Obituary (co-owner of Madison paper mill) d. Barber, Warner Harrison – Original clipping of undated obituary, b. Bariset, Joseph – Copy of Marriage certificate, Joseph Bariset and Catharine Steinbaker, 1838. – Treatise – Every generation has a frontier; Story of his life, 2005, 33 pages; photocopy, newspaper article, November 11, 2008, “A soldier’s story: Madison doctor’s memories provide a history lesson”. (Judge) – Letter to his mother, December, 1880 with cover letter, 1987. Baker, Frank – See Frank Baker Collection, MC-0048. Banta, Peter – Original letter dated June 10, 1823, about debt owed.Anderson, Woodson Henry – Ancestry Census, 1940, West Virginia Death Index. 115, death record and translation; 1860 Census; Find A Grave Memorial and photo of stone marker; People of Madison, IN listing, Madison City Directory 1867, Mary Baker, widow; Madison men who served in the 32nd Indiana; Courier tribute to 32nd, 1864; Obituaries for Lena Pfeiffer, Carrie Johnson, and Barbara Wahl; 4 pages of correspondence with Judith Baker Stockhoff, granddaughter.

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Enter just the surname you are searching and each occurance of that surname will be highlighted. Adams, John Clayton “Johnny” – Obituary, August 14, 2016. Alley Family – 22 typed pages by Robert Scott, 2007, from Erasmus Alley, Sr. – Photocopy of newspaper obit for Charles Alling Sr.; Hanover diary of Charles Alling, Jr., 1883. Anderson, Woodson Henry – E-mail correspondence; research notes; Censuses, 1900 & 1940; West Virginia Death Index, Ash, Sonny – January 2, 1998, newspaper article on baptism in river; May 2, 1998 Indianapolis Star article “Living History – A Vincennes man goes above and beyond to keep Indiana’s past alive and accurate.” *Ayers, Kathy” – Roundabout article, August, 2000. – 7 pages, typed transcript, of 1860 will of Alois Bachman, Sr.; photocopies, undated newspaper obits for Mrs. Barnes, Chesley, John, Susan (Bondurant, Bundren) – Copies of genealogical letter exchanges, 6 pages; Nathaniel Barnes family page.

By using this search method, you can also locate references to a surname that occur in other family files. Andress, Kenneth & Family – “A Matter of Relativity; being a treatise on the early life and times of Kenneth D. Barnes, Janice – Newspaper feature December 12, 2012, “ Uncovering History”. Baus, Matias – See Also: GC-0003 – Recorder’s Office Records for will. Baxter Brothers – (Civil War Soldiers) 1927 short history of seven Baxter boys; photo; 1919 story from Indianapolis News; handwritten note on historical marker; 1919 story on Baxter reunion; handwritten note from Virginia M. Beach, Betty – Transcript of interview by Mike Moore April 7, 1984, for St. Bear Family -John Bear, land grant, 1814; photocopy, marriage certificate, Charles R.

Anselm, Brother – Newspaper article on search for grave, February 23, 2002.. Arion, Copeland Philip Jacob – Three typed pages about Copeland Philip Jacob Arion, b. Bear, births and deaths; undated photocopy with three newspaper articles: “Ernestine Hubbard Wed in Plainfield”, “Long Illness Is Fatal For Edward O. Bear, Jacob – “The Descendants of Jacob Bear, 1800-1852” compiled by Louise G. Bear, Charles Romelus & descendants – See Also sheet, Digital photo album, PO-023, Bear family photos; 5 pages family sheets, one handwritten.

Photocopy of July 1845 Springdale Cemetery Sexton’s Report. Becker, Michael – Copies of German Evangelical Lutheran Record Book, p.

This index lists each folder in the Family History Files along with a brief description of the contents. Adams, Blanche Hall (2002.18 unclaimed estate papers) – Alphabetized loose leaf pages, Blanche Hall Adams – Life History, 1912-1930. Ahlmark, Myrtle Mae – Newspaper article, January 24, 1990, “Tempting Windows — City store was familiar sight”. Allen, Jacob & Helen – Burial authorization, civil war soldier, 1901. Anderson Family of the Caledonia Settlement – 1 typed page from Andrew Anderson, b. Scotland, 1806; 9 typed pages expansion of previous page using information from June Anderson Mac Intyre. Col.) – Newspaper article on historic marker, 1999; Program from market dedication; Obit of sister; Photocopy of 1850 census; Photocopies from 19th Reg Infantry, Indiana Volunteers, service records and handwritten letters (20 pages stapled); Photocopies from book “ Iron Men, Iron Will”, by Craig L. Banks Family – Spiral bound book, 84 pages, compiled by Robert Scott (available on CD),“Banks Family of Indiana and North Carolina”, from John Banks Jr., d. Banta, Edna – Photocopy of North Madison High School Commencement program, 1932; photocopy of article on local plants; photocopy of article as elementary teacher; obituary from Indiana Academy of Science; excerpt from Flora of Indiana. Barker Family – 2 handwritten pages about Burnley Barker, who moved to Jefferson County about 1820.The easiest way to search the index is to use your browser’s “Find On This Page” feature which can be found in the dropdown menu at the top of your browser window. Adams, David & Ricky Allen Adams – Madison Courier article, January 1, 2000; obituary, Ricky Allen Adams, February 20, 2016. Allen, Jean/Jane – “A Century of Progress” by Jane Marchant, family history. Anderson, Benjamin/John – Letter to Drusilla Cravens, 1943, on Anderson genealogy; 60 pages from John Butterworth Anderson, MD, b. Anderson, Robert & John Butterworth Anderson – Biographical info on John Butterworth Anderson & Robert Anderson, father; copy of obituary, 1916; picture of headstone of wife, Adda Bell. – Photocopies from Ruth Hoggatt – 10 pages of voting, cemetery, and marriage records. – Life and Narrative of William J Anderson, written by himself (former slave), 1857; 45 pages. Dunn (15 pages); Photocopy of obituary and tribute poem; Partial copy of 8th grade paper, “The Reflective Diary of a Fallen Hero” with bibliography; Photocopies from History of the Sixth Indiana Regiment (27 pages); 2 newsletters with articles on Bachman; Typed copy of classified ad for Bachman’s house; Photocopy of undated newspaper article: “Eulogy to Bachman” by soldier; second of three part serialization in Composite Columns of fictionalized diary of Alois G. Barnard, George Grey – (Sculptor) Newspaper photos of homes; handwritten account of his life; article from , 1961; newspaper articles, 1928, 1935, 1936, 1952, 1969, 1997, 2005; bill for setting statue; Julie Hoffstadt’s account of his statue of Lincoln; 1920 letter about shipping statue; notes on newspaper coverage; handwritten receipt to enumerating exhibit pieces; photocopy of photo of exhibit; newsprint copy of illustrated cover story, “Famed sculptor left a controversial legacy”, from Round About Madison, February 2012; photocopy, multipage booklet from the Kankakee County Historical Society, “George Grey Barnard — Celebrating 150 Years”; “Creating the Cloisters”, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Spring 2013.

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