Geomagnetic reversal dating when is it time to end a dating relationship

04-Jan-2016 11:26

Now evidence suggests that the last such event happened much faster than previously thought – suggesting the next one could too.The records of these events, known as geomagnetic reversals, is written in magnetized volcanic rocks that maintain the polarisation of the Earth's field at the time they cooled.In light of the evidence that the Earth's magnetic field is currently weakening and that changes in orientation are accelerating, it's possible we are about to experience something similar, although we still have no idea what drives such events.A forthcoming geomagnetic reversal looms large in the minds of catastrophists who predict all sorts of disasters as the next one, such as widespread deaths from cosmic radiation while the planet's magnetic shield is down.Volcanoes upwind of the basin, including Sabatini and Vesuvius, erupted frequently during the reversal, and the changing magnetic field can be seen in the sediments laid down.Argon-argon isotopic dating allowed Sprain and Renne to date the ash layers far more precisely than has been done before.Over the course of millions of years, the Earth's magnetic field can reverse, so that compasses point south rather than north.There has been plenty of speculation that we're heading for another such event quite soon.

“What’s incredible is that you go from reverse polarity to a field that is normal with essentially nothing in between, which means it had to have happened very quickly, probably in less than 100 years,” said Renne.“We don’t know whether the next reversal will occur as suddenly as this one did, but we also don’t know that it won’t.” Prior to the reversal, the team detected a 6,000 year period of instability.

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