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:-) But I learned not to overreact and when I saw the actual "Sheldon leaves string theory" episode, I saw some silver linings, too.

The three boys in the school dining hall are sort of excited with the BICEP2 discovery of the primordial gravitational waves – it impressive how current events quickly make it to the story: one of the silver linings – and Sheldon isn't.

As a theoretical physicist, he should be, they rightfully point out.

But he says something weird for the first time (in this episode).

For almost 7 years, I have been an enthusiastic fan of The Big Bang Theory. So you may see that I have spent something like 155 hours of quality time with the sitcom.

The initial seasons have a higher number of views than the newest ones.

I am pretty sure that I've seen every single one of them – on average, I've watched an episode of TBBT 3 times – partly in the original, partly in the Czech dubbing which I started to love pretty soon.

This figure vastly understates how important the sitcom has been in the scheme of my cultural inspiration.

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In fact, the original title of this blog post when it was a draft was "My velvet divorce with TBBT".Last week, on April 3rd, they aired the 154th episode, The Indecision Amalgamation, which was the last problem-free one.Sheldon was deciding whether to buy XBOX or a new Play Station, Raj had to simultaneously deal with two potential girlfriends, and Penny got a useless advice from a frustratingly nostalgic Wil Wheaton on whether she should accept an offer in a bad movie.He is interested how the primordial gravitational waves help Joe Sixpack.

I could get used to the comical yet unrealistic obsession of the boys (including Sheldon Cooper) with the science-fiction banalities, to the fact that Leonard's kids won't have a good view of a parade, and to Jim Parsons' being gay (he is still the same excellent actor as he was before even though as a member of the Shamy club [sorry, this was a typo, I originally meant the Shenny club!

], I would have preferred to have never learned about it).

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