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16-Jul-2016 14:31

Tellingly, though this is supposedly a report first and an infographic second, the default page display’s Google’s suggestions for expansion of the internet.

Click through to “your” report, and you’ll find a collection of stock graphs for each major ISP in your area.

Now, Google is back to making awareness campaigns, this time in the form of an ingenious little You Tube quality report — but contrary to initial appearances, and true to form for Google, this evaluation is aimed at its corporate partners, rather than at users themselves.

When you visit the website, you are presented with three main sections: Your Report, and then two info sections.

In the business world, while there is a certain kill-or-be-killed mentality, companies mostly avoid calling each other out directly.

In all legendary business wars — aside from the cola and video-game console industries — it’s unusual for a corporation to build their business model around the habitual disruption of everyone else.

This report allows users to quickly compare the relative quality of You Tube streaming throughout the day, between providers.

Below is an example, showing my own report — this shows the daily speeds of You Tube connections running through Tek Savvy in Vancouver, BC.

This is a luxury Google enjoys because it is a modern superpower — there is no company in the world that can do without Google better than Google can do without them.

With that thinking Google launched awareness campaigns against low-quality internet infrastructure in North America — and when those weren’t successful enough, the company started up Google Fiber to address the issue directly.

The policy argument being made here essentially boils down to: ISPs need to fatten their pipes, because we at Google can only do so much.

It’s a familiar refrain form a company that seems increasingly annoyed by the lack of vision and gung-ho enthusiasm they find in their partners.