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I'm responsible for twelve different social media accounts where I get to interact with clients to answer their questions and educate them about our services.

I'm looking to connect with more people in social media to learn more about how they're using social media in hopes I can expand my knowledge and find some new techniques to apply to my work.

Answer 3 Questions to Make a Good 1st Impression In my experience, the best online introductions answer three questions as follows: When you answer these three questions in a positive and dynamic fashion, people get an immediate sense of your confidence and passion for your work - two traits that make you instantly more interesting as a potential person to network with.

Here's an example: I love working with social media to help my company connect better with customers.

This is not networking - it's just a step towards doing it. It's a conversation that helps them get to know one other enough to feel comfortable connecting and sharing on a platform like Linked In. [Read here on how to make more career friends by not falling into this trap.] In my experience, virtual events designed to give you a chance to exchange some pleasantries and professional information are examples of good online networking.

I get a bit frustrated when I see a random, request in my mailbox. (If you've never attended an online networking session for your career, you should check out Mingle - a free weekly online event that helps Linked In users expand their network.) Don't Be a Rookie - Write Your Introduction In Advance! Online, we lose a lot of the valuable communications skills that face-to-face networking provides (i.e.

Therefore, coming up with a good introduction is vital if you want to make some solid online connections.

The above introduction is short, clear, and compelling.

You know this person has a good handle on their career.

They are able to convey enough about themselves without having to write an epic novel.

Plus, A Good Intro Expedites the Relationship Building Process I've been using this approach for some time now, and it comes with a great upside.It helps keep the networking in gear by helping the person I'm networking with online get an immediate sense of what I want to accomplish via networking.