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]series billed as the first real-time hospital "extreme event" drama, will capture the life-and-death choices nurses, PA's and other front-line caregivers make as they struggle to provide care and triage[what's it about?]drama billed as a sexy contemporary take on Oliver Twist with a struggling 20-something female (Twist) who finally finds a true sense of family in a strange group of talented outcasts who use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals[what's it about?]single-camera comedy about a has-been sibling singing group from the '80s, who now make ends meet by doing what no musician wants to do - writing jingles and performing their old hits at parties[what's it about? ]single-camera comedy about a young interracial married couple, Evan and Nicole, whose plan to move into Nicole's parents' house goes awry when she takes a temporary job transfer across the country; this leaves Evan - who is black - stuck living alone... ]drama about a brilliant doctor who specializes in treating the world's greatest sports stars; when the doctor undergoes a health crisis, it forces him to rethink his approach to medicine with the help of a gifted sports psychologist[what's it about?]single-camera office comedy about Nora, a young researcher who travels to the extreme environment of Antarctica with big plans but is surprised to find she'll need a different kind of survival skills to navigate the eccentric people who live and work... ]comedy that will explore what it's like to grow up as the only girl in the only mixed race family in the suburbs of Philadelphia, dealing with real-world issues like race and gender while never losing focus of her life goal... ]single-camera comedy which centers on a sweet, funny but lonely funeral director who decides to have a one-night stand on his birthday with his complete opposite and winds up with a big, instant, messy family[what's it about?The best friend ended up breaking up with the guy, but wanted so desperately to remain on the show that she gave the Teen Mom a pass.She pays for their medical treatment and all the other expenses at the shelters where they will remain for the rest of their lives.

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For specific title searches or to search by cast or crew member, use the site's main search box located at the top of each page. ]drama about an engineer who, after the death of his wife, has a vision to construct a ship capable of sustaining life in space; when the build happens to coincide with the coming end of the world, the engineer realizes there may be a larger story at ... ]drama based on Marcia Clark's novel about Samantha Brinkman, a relentless criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles whose world is turned upside down when she is hired to defend a police detective in a high-profile homicide, thrusting her into the pub... ] · Amanda Ghost as EP · Dick Wolf as EP · Gregor Cameron as CO-EP · Jennifer Levin as CRTR/EP · Noelle Wolf as EP · Peter Jankowski as EP · Sherri Cooper Landsman as CRTR/EP · Zayn Malik as EP [what's it about?](from NBC's press release, September 2016) Dick and Noelle Wolf (Wolf Entertainment), Zayn Malik, Len Blavatnik's Unigram and First Access Entertainment have formed a creative partnership with Universal Television to develop "Boys," a groundbreaking ... ]drama based on Jeremy Blachman and Cameron Stracher's novel about an attorney who decides to leave his white shoe law firm and give back by teaching, but he finds his idealism challenged when he signs on to work at the worst academic institution in t... ]drama billed as a dynamic, high-action procedural about young veterans struggling to reintegrate into society, while heroically saving civilian lives along the way; the elite team is the best Search and Rescue operation in the country, and is run by ... ]small screen take on the classic 1969 film (which also spawned a 2003 remake) about a make-shift family of expert criminals, who are forced out of retirement when an opportunity arises to get their beloved "patriarch" out of jail[what's it about? Winters's novel which follows a detective in New Hampshire during the final years of civilization as a catastrophe-level asteroid hurtles toward the planet; despite the social, political and economic effects of preparing f... ] · Alex Cary as CRTR/EP (2012) · Alon Aranya as EP · Charlie Gogolak as EP · Eli Attie as CRTR/EP · Glenn Ficarra as EP/DIR (Pilot) · Howard Gordon as EP (2012) · Hugh Fitzpatrick as EP (2012) · John Requa as EP/DIR (Pilot) · Kjartan Thor Thordarson as EP · Rob Golenberg as EP · Sigurjón Kjartansson as CRTR (Original Series) [what's it about?]domestic take on the Argentinian telenovela which centers on a Boston homicide detective who's confronted by her husband over an affair she's having with her partner; in their ensuing fight, she accidentally kills him - only to wake the next day to f...May 25, 2016 This Scandal actress has personally picked up the tab for close to 100 dogs who have been involved in dog fighting kennels.

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