Futuristic dating

30-Sep-2016 20:31

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your technology ever advancing forwards at great speed (sometimes too fast for it's own good) have you ever imagined what types of gadgetry will be around..? scary thought eh ;)Are we all heading for our very own 'bar-code' ? lol) and fire and penicillin,electricity, light bulbs etc etc..very useful of course.it seems in the past couple of decades or so most of the gadgets and inventions, were made to make us lazy..ie, remote controlled tv's, tea maids(and not in frilly aprons either)microwave ovens.etc.that they are all bad inventions and of course I do own some myself.do make my own cup of tea.a kettle(another great invention!

What method/s of communication will exist, can anything else be invented..? ..)You never know maybe someday in the future there will be the 'man or woman' robot...

Great for company; and it doesn't nag, doesn't hog the remote control and doesn't keep you awake snoring all night!

Not sure sure it would be going too far with added nuts n bolts though!

It wouldn't suprise me if they did invent a scanning, chip and pin for each person, ...scarey thought though really..N.

I number imprinted on your bum and every time you went anywhere.had to sit on a scanner. we already have security devices that scan the iris or the hand print....can nuke our meals in a few mins....all have mobile phones that connect us to anywhere in the world in seconds either on line or by calls/texts..a bit like living in an episode of Tomorrow's World......just don't have the silver foil suits or the flying cars.........:)more and more use of remote control or A. controlled drones in warfarefaster and faster microprocessor technology,currently have a 6core microprocessor each core running 2 threads (ie.

acting as two cores) - so its like having a 12 core microprocessor.compare that single core chips of 5yrs ago running a the same speed, and next year we will be having 12 - 32 core microprocessors due to refined fabrication technology. When i was a kid I was really hoping to go visiting other planets by the yr 2000, :(..If anything's to happen technology wise in my lifetime , my wish would be that we become capable of travelling interstellar distances : P.