26-Apr-2015 10:56

“Gates Camp is a great way for youth to learn how to be a leader while stepping outside of their comfort zone,” said Dominic.

“At camp, you push yourself mentally and physically beyond anything you have ever done before.

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You also get the opportunity to make new friends.” Dominic is a fifteen-year-old Club member at Shopneck Boys & Girls Club and is one of many Club members who have taken advantage of the opportunity to spend a week up in the mountains at Gates Camp.

For youth living in the metro Denver area, this means that without assistance, many of these kids will never get the opportunity to step into the Colorado Rocky Mountains and explore the great outdoors.

That is why Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver works hard to provide Club members like Dominic an opportunity to venture outside of their neighborhoods and into the mountains to spend a week at our summer Gates Camp.

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