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Even if they end up making a decision you don’t agree with, do you want their future relationships, fertility, and health at risk? Teens need to know that condoms are the only way to prevent STDs if one is sexually active, and that they need to be used for oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

but they’re more likely to, after a heart-to-heart (which is hopefully the first of many! Talking to your teen about preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies is not “giving them a pass” to have sex, it’s acknowledging that the consequences of sex can be dangerous or even fatal.

“It is scary to think of where I might be if I had never found SE.

I felt depressed, constantly stressed out, and experienced physical pain for years.

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Education Materials This section lists a variety of education materials that will provide you with more information about Somatic Experiencing®, accumulated stress, trauma and the autonomic nervous system (stress control mechanism).

A recent study investigated where teenagers get their information on sex and sexual health. It wasn’t friends, and it wasn’t celebrities, and it wasn’t the internet… What’s more, the study showed that parents and guardians greatly underestimate how much their discussions about sexuality impact their teens. You need to talk to your teen about sex before a friend or a movie gives them information that could be harmful or wildly inaccurate. You need to talk about more than facts- like values, experiences, and unanswered questions- but your facts should be spot-on. Teach them that it’s completely and utterly unacceptable to ever pressure or force someone to have sex- or to have sex with someone who is drunk or otherwise incapacitated. Encourage your teen to research birth control methods that can be used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy- or research them together. Don’t assume that your teen is heterosexual- or, for that matter, that your gay teen will never be attracted to the opposite sex. We need to talk to teens about sex, safety, relationships, and values, and make it an ongoing dialogue.

Discuss protection and sexual safety in all types of relationships. If you’d rather (fill in the unpleasant task here) than talk to your teen about sex, try approaching the topic during a car ride. If you’re really nervous, trying “practicing” by talking to your spouse, your friend, the cat… There may be questions your kids are too shy to ask you.

Physical therapy and seeing a chiropractor temporarily relieved the muscle strain, but SE is what has permanently relieved all my symptoms over time.” Phoebe High School Student read more testimonials Shelia Kuhn has helped adults and teens who have been affected by stress or trauma and are experiencing symptoms such as nervousness, overwhelm, autoimmune disorders, chronic aches and pain, lack of energy, insomnia or panic attacks and feelings of irritability, anger, sadness, isolation or downheartedness.

While Shelia works with adults, a key focus for her is teenagers’.

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