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Whether people will see it as icky or cute depends.When I was a student, one of my teachers married a former student.We sort of laughed about her infatuation, and I suspect that she tried to make something happen, even though he was in a LTR at the time. She went off to college..blah blah...master's degree..eight years after high school the two of them got together and have been deliriously happy ever since. If they'd hooked up in the summer after HS graduation, a whole lot of people would have been appalled.But he waited until he didn't have any of that teacher power over her and their love was still there.] Given the 'Pretty Little Liars' series MTV keeps trying to throw at me has a student dating her teacher, I don't think you'll have an issue with interest in the topic.I think the topic is very common, but I love reading about that taboo, as long as it offers something insightful and goes in a different direction than the typical. Sure it's legal, sure she can give consent, sure she can have a crush, but is it an ethical thing for the teacher to do?And I know when people are in love they don't give a shit about anything anyone thinks because they are certain that their love is a unique and beautiful blossom, the likes of which the planet earth has never seen. [True story digression: a close friend in high school was MADLY in love with our 50 year old teacher (in everyone's defense he was as active as a 30 year old and as handsome as a 40 year old) who was quite a favorite amongst the students.

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Do they gross you out or do you find them too unreal?

Just wondering, because I'm writing one (which you can find in my signature), but it's actually not the typical, run-of-the-mill story and the girl is 18, guy is 24. But I'd like to know how interesting this genre or cliche or whatever you want to call it is to the YA group. Jen I actually had a fascination with this particular topic not long ago (and kinda still do).

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