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Low grade to high grade rocks are slate- phyllite- schist (chlorite-mica-hornblende-garnet) - gneiss.

Texture and Composition of Metamorphic Rocks The resulting rock having been altered by metamorphism is determined by three things: metamorphic rocks are those which contain minerals showing a preferred alignment or ______________ and/or a segregation of light and dark minerals into distinct __________.

- this type of metamorphism is associated with the large scale movement and _______________ of the Earth's crust during a ____________ building event.

Here, where tremendous forces are able to fold rock, the effects of metamorphism are due mostly to ____________.

is the alteration of pre-existing rocks due to the effects of high ___________ and /or high ______________.

Both the orginal rock's mineralology and __________ are affected in some cases. Types of Metamorphism - this causes alteration of existing rocks as the result of the tremendous ________ of a nearby _______________ intrusion.

Metamorphic Grade is the term given to the __________ of metamorphism.

The more heat and/or pressure a rock undergoes, the higher the grade of metamorphic rock it produces.

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There is little to no direct pressure involved with this type of metamorphism.Valley West Apartments are 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is 0.00 without a balcony and 0.00 with a balcony.- coarse texture having minerals which have segregated into light and dark ___________.Generally, the composition of these light and dark bands are each dominated by one or two minerals, the light typically of ___________ and feldspar, the dark typically of hornblende and _________ mica.

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These are typically formed by - _____________ texture having minerals aligned in sub-parallel to parallel orientation.

Metamorphic rocks having this type of foliation are typically composed of either __________ minerals such as mica or elongate minerals such as hornblende.

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