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06-May-2015 07:04

Patients are travelling to receive a wider range of treatments, including: According to different surveys, most Irish patients availing of treatment abroad under the European Directive on cross-border healthcare report positive experiences.They can combine a medical treatment in a specialised hospital in EU and a holiday in health destinations like Spain.Thanks to the EU Directive for Crossborder Healthcare an Irish patient can receive planned medical treatment in any EU country. The EU directive gives you the right to purchase healthcare services in another EEA country and apply for reimbursement from the HSE, as long as the treatment is medically necessary and would be made available to you under the HSE.You will have to pay the costs upfront, but you can claim reimbursement when you return, up to the amount the treatment would have cost under the HSE.New figures have shown that awareness of the scheme is rapidly on the up.The last nine months have seen the amount of money paid out under it than double, and the list of conditions patients are travelling to have treated has also grown.You can find more information about your rights to healthcare abroad here.

A wet opaque ink brush with a rough edge that bleeds quickly.

Quite variable in width, this Photoshop ink brush can be used as a line drawing and sketching brush to give your drawings a rugged scratchy look.