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Shared by: Sandra New Jersey 10/27/16 I think that when your stress level is so high, if you cannot sleep, or if you go about doing things during the day like a zombie, you cannot do it anymore.I took care of my mother's ill husband for years during the nights while she was working and I know just how you feel. Shared by: Lauri Michigan 10/26/16 Am I as an In home private duty caregiver suppose to lift and carry 50 to 60 pounds of trash out of my clients garage every week.I saved her a lot of money but my stress level was so high, unbelievable. Down a driveway that can accommodate up to 6 large vehicles??Shared by: Toby Tennessee 10/25/16 Hi I'm look an no this after having so many seizures memory shot to the curb all I can do pray getting used at over small mistakes and having seizures just started having dreams about the future and I also take meds.....She used to write a lot of stuff down, then she used to ask me things and tell me she had forgot. Then, it got worst in "2006", she was swollen all over her body, skin discolored, poor circulation, water retention, memory loss, kidney failure, equallibrium was off balance, and heart problems. Then, I put her in Villa Maria for the rest of the time that she was sick.I was angry Because, she didn't tell me when she was in the house with me but, didn't want me to cling to her.She and I didn't have a close relationship as I was raised by my grandparents.

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she broke her hip in a car accident some years ago but then had it replaced still walks with a limp and can barely lift her leg to get into the shower.

I'm all but ready to give up, she wo t go to a nursing ho e because she has a dog that she worships. Shared by: Cinetta Florida 10/15/16 I was at my Mother's side the whole time she was going thru her lupus issues.

At first, I didn't know what was going on until, she developed memory loss that made me aware of what was going on.

i'm affraid shes going to fall.anything would help.

thank you Shared by: Donnie South Carolina 10/18/16 I'm been taken care of my mother as I have always looked out for her and has she looked out for myself she went through breast cancer we thought she was fine but Dr told her it returned they gave her 3months I said they are wrong we have a big god and you'll be OK well she also had heart problems adulation and they didn't have her on any heart medications hospice sorry to say but are disfuctional here in lowcountry she had a minor or somewhat major stroke a week before hurricane Mathew I have been taken care of her threw it all and the 5 days without electric my mother asked me she wants keep her stroke quiet so as she wishes I am and taken great care of her the best that I can under her wishes we don't have alot money me or her never asked for anything her get well would mean world to me besides her cancer just need a pep talk advice thank you Donnie eilenberger Shared by: Margaret North Carolina 10/17/16 I have been caregiver for my mother for several months and she is bedridden ,.So, she started being detached from me she had to let go and I didn't like it. Cause, my mom had told my 14 year old son, at t he time she was with us.

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