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Previously, “six years ago, the London man was caught with a stash of perverted images and served a nine-month conditional sentence that included a stint in treatment.” Sentence: 2013, Feb – 15 months prison Location: London, ON Sentencing: Sun News Network article (Feb 14/13) Read Sun News Network article Read London Free Press article James Sidney Allen, 51 Crime: Murder (8 year old child) Sentence: Not guilty by reason of insanity, institutionalized in 1976, discharge granted Dec 20, 2012 Location: Brockville, ON Read The Ottawa Citizen article Christopher Banish, 42 Crimes: Communicating by computer with a person under 16 to commit a sexual offence, sexually touching a person under 16, inviting a person under 16 to sexually touch him, and sexual assault Sentence: 2012, Dec – convicted of above crimes Location: Calgary, AB Read Calgary Herald article Ronald Inghelbrecht, 49 Crimes: Possession and sexual assault Sentence: 2012, Nov – 5 yrs prison for sexual assault and 2 yrs prison for possession to be served concurrently + conditions Location: Chatham, ON Read the London Free Press article Uncle Abuses Niece from Fiji Crimes: sexual assault, sexual exploitation and invitation to sexual touching Sentence: 2012, August – 7 yrs prison (Original sentence of 3 yrs prison was appealed and bumped to 7 yrs prison) Location: Ontario Read the Times Colonist article Steven Robert Brown, 32 Crimes: producing child pornograph, sexual assault of a minor Sentence: 2 years in jail, 20 years in sex offenders registry Location: North Bay, ON Read the North Bay Nugget article Lucas Robins, 26 Crimes: sexual assault of a minor Sentence: 60 days in jail (weekends), 10 years in sex offenders' registry, provide DNA sample Location: North Bay, ON Read the North Bay Nugget article Windsor Step-Father, 50 Crimes: two counts of producing child pornography and one count of sexual interference Sentence: 2012, June – 2 yrs + 3 yrs probation + conditions Location: Windsor, ON Read The Windsor Star article David Smeltzer, 27 Crimes: Making child porn available and possession Sentence: 2012, Feb – 90 days to be served intermittently for making child porn available; 2012, Jul – 45 days for possession to be served intermittently + 3 yrs probation + conditions Location: Sault Ste Marie, ON Read the Sault Star article Andrew Caston, 47 Crimes: Possession, accessing and making child porn available Sentence: 2012, July - 2 yrs prison less a day + 3 yrs probation + conditions Location: Niagara Falls, ON Read the St Catherines Standard article Mark Hopkin, 30 Crimes: Pled guilty to making child pornography available Sentence: 2012, June – 9 months prison + 3 years probation Location: Sault Ste Marie, ON Read the Sault Star articles: First | Second Father in Brantford, ON, 51 Crimes: sexual interference, possession of child pornography and making pornography Sentencing in March 2012 Last location: Brantford, Ontario Read the Toronto Sun article Thomas Doyon, 26 Crimes: making and possessing child pornography, sexual interference and break and enter Sentence: March 2012 to 3 yrs prison Location: Kitchener, ON Read the Record articles: First | Second | Third Michael Clement, Age: 54 Crimes: Distribution and possession of child pornography Sentenced in March 2012 to three years Location then, Sudbury, Ontario Read the Toronto Sun article Read the CBC article Douglas Harold Patrick, 64 Crime: More than 50 sexual offences Sentence: 2012, February - 14 yrs prison + conditions Last Location: Sarnia, ON Read the St.Catherines Standard article Read the Sun News Network article Read the Observer article Bryan Gregory Abbott, 37 Crime: Possession Sentence: 2012, Feb - 45 days prison + 2 yrs probation + conditions Last Location: Harrow, ON Read the Windsor Square article Watch the You Tube video (lawyer reporting on sentancing)Raymond Lahey, Age: 71 Crimes: Importing child pornography.ALWAYS note the date on the story, as we have no access to updated information due to restrictions to the sex offender registry information.

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One crime rate that is not going down: child sex crimes.

A recent report by Stats Canada crime report found that child porn increased 36% in one year, and all aggravated sexual assaults increased by 56%.

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Under Canadian criminal law, the term “pornography” occurs only in section 163.1 of the (section 163).… continue reading »

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I caught this show on CBC Radio last week and it got me thinking...… continue reading »

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My name is Dereck Jackson I was born here in the city of Jackson , Ms . … continue reading »

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