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14-Mar-2016 09:20

On the face value it sounds wrong so the question.. I didnt hide age or anything, because I was not going to say anything inappropriate.. I meant it as an reply to earlier post (whr the person was telling me about how it could be a thought crime) ..

The girl wanted me to say something "nasty" on mic but I did not. I do not indulge in any sort of visual pornography although i do read stories, so I have no idea of "some cleavage" on teenager could amount to child Porn. I was a given a link to the pics ( similar as i saw above) but it was on teen group, is it illegal to even reach them ? And most important, since the person tried to cajole me into saying nasty line on mic, is there a chance it was undercover? Am trying to remember if anything I said was wrong, but i cant, i dnt have the chat transcript...

I had seen the girls picture's on social networkin site and commented on nice eyes (the images might have had cleavage).. Is it illegal to absolutely even chat with 16 yr old, I guess that is legal age in CT. So the question in nutshell is, chatting to minor ( teenager) once, seeing some non-nude pics.. Sure there's a chance that it's law enforcement; 50/50.

How big problem am I in if say the parents find out? But those aren't odds that I'd ever gamble with and neither should you. However, you're walking a thin line here, VERY thin!

Why would you even want to buy this kind of trouble? Get her parents on the phone and ask them how they feel about it. One slip up, one sexual inuendo, whether "she" provoked it or not, and you've crossed that line.

I didnt hide age or anything, because I was not going to say anything inappropriate..

that makes it basically : 24 yr old talkin to 16 yr old.. If anyone still has a comment on wht happened i will listen.. I have chatted with 19-20 yr old but still never exchanged *dirty words* (here i was pleaded to say 'hot bitch' which I didnt) or pics or asked for cam..

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If she isn't a cop, she is a witness for the prosecution at your trial. If they say yes, tell them that you will provide them with a complete record of everything said or transmitted. Stay away from the pics too, especially where a minor is involved. You and a 16 year old have little, if anything, in common.Sir, Its a mistake (which could amount to something even bigger) and I cant give any excuse now it has happened..

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