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Boot in the rear Ahimsa isn't for everyone, and 24-year-old Sitara Sharma thinks Michelle got it right, especially if the sulking was followed by a swift kick once back home.C) Give him the icy glare (now, if only he was looking at you).If you answered A, give yourself a pat on the back.You: A) Keep a pair of boxing gloves handy for this sort of thing.

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TOI got four women readers to offer alternate approaches: Forever hold your peace "I'd wait for him to realise that it's more fun to be with me," says television producer Raksha Shetty about her husband of five years, Karan.

"I'd give him the silent treatment all the way home," adds the 33-year-old Bandra resident.

Although it seems like a subdued response, Shetty explains, "You don't want to give the incident or the woman more attention than necessary.

That could be counterproductive." She advocates trusting your instinct, and, "unless you feel it's not harmless flirting, allow the matter to die a quick death".

Naturally, the story quickly became the stuff of giggles and gossip.Relationships, like chess, involve strategy, and if public reaction to Michelle's frown confirmed anything, it's that the 's move must always be carefully thought through.