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Helsinki (Finnish) or Helsingfors (Swedish) is the capital of Finland.

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This can be seen today around the Lutheran Cathedral, which was completed in 1852.

The same style, and even architects, is also a part of Saint Petersburg's history.

Though thoroughly a Nordic capital, Helsinki today reflects the influences gained from the Western and Eastern cultures.

The best time to visit is in summer, when Finns peel off their overcoats and flock to outdoor bars and cafes to enjoy the sunshine. 1550 by King Gustav Vasa of Sweden as a trading post to compete with Tallinn to the south in Estonia, which was Danish at that time.

Helsinki's current population is about 604,380, but the Greater Helsinki region including the suburbs of the neighboring administrative areas of Espoo and Vantaa has a population of over 1.3 million. The growth of the city was slow until the establishment of Sveaborg (nowadays Suomenlinna) Maritime Fortress in the front of Helsinki in the middle of 18th century.The more industrialized municipality of Vantaa is to the north and east.