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Mel's going to have to pick up work** that pays enough to cover child care for their two lovely boys as well as pay rent and buy food and car insurance etc. These are two of my favourite people, so naturally I'm worried sideways.So, LJ, you guys have been wonderful enough to help me when I've been balls-to-the-wall, but will you help my friends? Even if it's just a signal-boost or a instead-of-vending-machine-crap-food donation, it'll be going towards taking care of people that I really love, which will be amazing.*The place where they financially punish you if you're not rich, white, and male**Also, if you're in the VA area and have work, can you tag in here please? This wouldn't actually be a Thing normally, but my Gran is very much a product of her time.Two of my cousins have also pulled her up on being a homophobe, which is heartening.Also, she made sure that I had trucks and things to play with, and gave my parents absolute arseholes for giving me dolls to play with because it was subscribing to a sexist ideal.She was born in a house next door to a Maori family, who gave her her name, so she grew up with race not being a Thing.Knowing these things didn't stop me from saying "As long as they stay away from my sons".Because God help them if they should actually find happiness, stability, and functional love in the arms of a man. Also, this is the kind of homophobic statement that makes me stop talking to people.

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ALSO is a link to my friend DJ's fundraiser so he can get the back surgery that he needs, as well as do things like pay rent and feed his family.

Because he lives in USistan*, the cost of the surgery is high, and he's going to be out of commission for three months-ish.