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23-Oct-2016 22:50

We use our own, and third party cookies to improve service, display advertising related to your preferences and measure your activity on this site.This site is one of the most up-front about being a scam we’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something.In response to the emails we sent out, we only got 14 back.Also barely worth mentioning is the fact that we didn’t get a single date or hookup, obviously.That’s right, they actually ADVERTISE which profiles they’re using that are fake—which won’t help you, because it’s literally all of them.100 percent of the women who contacted us unsolicited were Online Cupids.Very few sites actually make us angry, and is one of them.

If you send out messages on, you’re just sending them out to the website itself, and you won’t get any real or good responses from them.If you really just want the practice of sending out emails but don’t want the thrill of knowing that there’s a real girl reading them, we GUESS this site could be okay…if it isn’t for the creepy fact that they’ll steal your entire profile and reuse it whenever they want.