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' from which this peal waa proaecut Appellant irni^ts that the evidence does not ? Thin que : of fact was submitted to t i nation on conflicting evidence re of the opinion is sufficient svidence in h s reo rt ( a court and sufficient to prohibit us from reversing en t t ground. Bao feel firm under this testimony, the case havin bssn aubmitte to a Jury and they havinr paased upon the questions of fact, but there ia sufficient error in one of the iruti tions &iven for the people to require a reversal o judgment on the ground of the iving of t at inetructicn alone. 2 This i.3 a suit proseouted t Loui* Thexton - nt by the people to recover enalty r"or the vio- lation of the a. mobile law, I c running at a of speed -rohibited by - ite, J lent »c.s entered against s pell nt - -. There had been two revious triale of this case, the record h trials are not in the r cord in this, but the facta ire ^t : ted in the brief not Lueetioned* Sh had been t ice in r for seduction brought by the father against le mig t^vzi^rr- Bitnin n nmwi tw. When she testified on the rial resulting in the judgment which ia from, 11 j f th time she testified concerning the 2 facts. 1914, the opinion of the Court was filed in ;he Clerk's office of said Court, in the words and figures 'ollowing-, to-wit: Gen. the people ithout re ; rd to the number of "vitnesses. T.e jury "''ere also told by thia instruction law is that the most convincing evidence w a or. %i i a Ba - » va isitiiiytin Q O i ua~t but '" i — i nn-M i i j m i Ij I .

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o + k U otiitp of Illinois: within and for the ond District of tljjfe btate I Present — The Hon.