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According to research, Vitamin A one of the only ingredients that penetrate the top layer of the skin to produce smoother skin and heal problems such as pigmentation.The Environ line is designed so the user can progress from a low dose in vitamin A to the highest acceptable for a non-prescription treatment.Anna Magee braved it When you hear the words vitamin facial, you probably think of some natural vitamin C sources such as orange or spinach being sloughed onto your face.

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Environ is formulated by Dr Des Fernandes, a plastic surgeon and created with a basis of Vitamin A, probably the most highly researched skincare ingredient on the planet.

Although dermatologists prescribe it at high percentages in products such as retinol for wrinkles and skin pigmentation or Roaccutane, a powerful anti-acne drug, it’s also available in lower concentrations without prescriptions.

It comes from the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA) whose skincare line, Environ, together with their Advanced Nutrition Programme skin supplements line, fuses beauty therapy, nutrition and medical grade ingredients.

The result is a three-pronged attack on wrinkles and ageing that takes into account scientifically proven ingredients and skin delivery methods to make changes to whatever signs of ageing your face is showing.

Sadie Frost and Hilary Swank are fans of the Environ Vitamin Facial that fuses the latest in medical grade beauty treatments with high-performance ingredients.

Trouble is, you have to go under a wrinkle-revealing camera beforehand.