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06-Feb-2016 19:25

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Kid Chatters Kid Chatters is no-nonsense chat service for kids 6 to 12 years old providing a safe, clean, and friendly chat environment.

Kid Chatters has also added a new service for young teens ages 12 to 14 utilizing their same safe environment technology.

Google Talk This free service is Google's version of instant communications.

The service, (currently in Beta release) uses innovative technologies to allow users to communicate in an easy to use, efficient and effective environment.

Google Talk is fast, has an intuitive interface and is fun to use.

Chat & Share Free Easy Recipes with Real Home Cooks Chat with real home cooks here and find 100's of free easy recipes, daily dinner ideas and more.This site offers fun cooking chat, loads of really easy recipes for dinner & other quick meal ideas.There are seven themed chat rooms for kids to choose from. Theme examples include Brain Candy, The Lab, Book Shelf and more.We highly recommend this site to parents for their kids 9 to 14 who want to chat in a safe rewarding environment.

It's especially useful to beginners learning to cook as it's friendly member base is more than happy to help.

Kidzworld Kidzworld is a super online entertainment portal for kids 9 to 14 that believes in placing safety first.

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