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10-Jan-2016 01:04

I have a free profile on but it seems like 99% of the people don't use their profile and since I made my profile a month back, I hadn't got a message.

This leads me to believe hardly anyone in my area uses paid dating sites.

So the only choice I have left is to use dating sites.(Like I could strike up a convo with a girl at a store, but you never know if she has a BF and I actually heard of guys going to jail just for striking up a convo with the wrong girl.

(Like it happen a lot in the area I use to live in FL))Anyways, I try POF and for a while and I'm not having no luck.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

I don't drink so bars are out of the quest, I don't like to dance so clubs are out of the question (they aren't in my area even if I did like to), there is no single girls at my work, and I don't know of any single girls around me that I know in person.

I'm having the exact same problem as any other guy on those sites.Girls don't really message you, and no matter how many you message you may get 1 reply but if you reply back with any type of message you wont get anything back 99.999% of the time.