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Points are won each time a player uses appropriate positive actions as listed on their game cards. The game features super-sized dice that indicate situations for players to act out. Just for the Health of It – Health Curriculum Activities Each book in the activity library focuses on a different area of health education and includes 90 ready to use and reproducible games, puzzles, and worksheets. Jeopardy Question Set – Health Curriculum – Alcohol and Drugs Set of alcohol and other drugs question-and-answer cards covering six categories: Drink, Drink, and Be Wary (Alcohol and Health); I Only Had One (Drinking Problems in Our Society and Alcoholism); Used as Directed, Will Kill the Customer (Smoking and Health); It’s Your Dreams (Marijuana, LSD, and Inhalants); Big Business (Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs); and The Other Drugs of Abuse “When…” Book Series (6 Books)The stories use familiar animals to inspire children to face everyday troubles. Statements include things to think about and things to do, like "Tell a safe way to let out anger" and "Make a calm face." Less Stress Ball. Help kids turn everyday tension into fun-filled play, with statements such as "Take 5 deep breaths." Stop, Relax & Think Ball. Teach children to control their impulsivity by helping them understand and control their actions.

Points are won each time a player uses appropriate positive actions as listed on their game cards. When Leaves Die The birds were happy in their treetop home…until the leaves died. The birds learn that loss is painful, but if they wait with open hearts, they’ll be happy again. Statements include "Tell about a good plan you made" and "Say your name loudly, then softly." You and Me Ball. This ball teaches basic social skills, giving kids a chance to practice them in a fun way.

Bully Safe Game Teaching concrete, nonviolent skills, this educational card game focuses on bullies, victims, and bystanders, showing students that everyone has a role to play in reducing bullying. Spin Quest Board and Mental Health and Addictions Question Set Questions about a variety of topics including:• Alcohol• Bullying• Healthy Relationships• Self Esteem + Confidence• Healthy Decision Making• Peer Pressure• Mental Health• Mental Illness Roll-A-Role: A Game of Anger Control In this unique game, children learn to identify and handle their anger by rehearsing anger management skills in a fun, safe environment. The game fosters conversations focusing on feelings and understanding self and others. Jeopardy Game Board and Question Set Categories and question cards related to Mental Health and Addictions issues.

Meets National Family and Consumer Science Education Standards and National Health Education Standards. Bullying & Harrassment Situation Cards Each card in this 60-card set depicts a typical bullying dilemma and allows students to discuss various alternatives to resolve the dilemma. Character Fun Game Kit Packed with 20 different games and activities, this delightful kit introduces players to character-related vocabulary, differentiates between positive and negative character traits, and promotes decision-making skills. Character Builders Set 2: Sharing and Caring Book Designed to help end bullying and violence by focusing on and teaching positive peer interaction, these readers promote character-building values as well as reading skills. Character Builders Set 1: Doing Right and Trying Hard Book Designed to help end bullying and violence by focusing on and teaching positive peer interaction, these readers promote character-building values as well as reading skills. Grades 1-5 Berenstein Bears Talking About Feelings Card Game Helping children learn to identify and understand the feelings of themselves and others, this card game features the faces of Berenstain Bears expressing a variety of emotions. Consumer Health and Safety Activities Flip Flop Faces – Emotions in Motion This innovative bean bag toss game teaches children to understand facial expressions.

Includes 30 situation cards, idea sheet, and instructions. Includes 20 cards for elementary students, 20 cards for middle school students, and 20 cards for high school students. Includes 32-page leader's guide with detailed instructions for each game. Kids Daily Dilemmas In A Jar Stuffed full of 101 thought-provoking cards that prepare learners to make good decisions in challenging situations, Dilemmas in a Jar is great for discussions, writing exercises, or icebreakers. Choices in a Jar Stuffed full of 101 thought-provoking cards that require users to weigh two unusual options, Choices in a Jar is great for discussions, writing exercises, or icebreakers. Think Twice In A Jar Stuffed full of 101 thought-provoking cards that require users to decide among life-changing options, Think Twice in a Jar is great for discussions, writing exercises, or icebreakers. The titles in this set are Be a Friend, You Can Count on Me, Working Together, Sharing Is Caring, Everyone Is Unique and Special, and Show You Understand. The titles in this set are Dare to Have Courage, Would It Be Right? Totika Game A wood block stacking game, this award-winning activity is designed to help players build self-esteem, social skills, and coping strategies. Totika Life Skills Cards A supplemental deck of Life Skills questions to be used with the Totika Game. Solution Ball This ball helps pupil find solutions to tough situations in a fun way. Emotion Mania Thumball A great tool for promoting social skills, development, and emotional intelligence, players must catch this ball and provide a response to the panel their thumb touches. Drug Abuse Tumble 'n Teach Cube This inflatable cube is a great way to address the consequences of drug abuse. Drugs and Alcohol Clever Catch Ball With an emphasis on drugs and alcohol, this ball is a great way to introduce the difficult topic of substance abuse to students. Bullying Clever Catch Ball Covered with a variety of questions about bullying, this inflatable ball makes it easier for players to open up and talk about bullying. Emotion Cubes A great tool for teaching the vocabulary of emotions related to social interactions, this set of cubes features two cubes with photographs of children's facial expressions and two cubes with words such as 'jealous' and 'shocked'. Game includes 53 cards, can be played like 'Old Maid' memory, or charades, and accommodates 2 or more players or teams. Drug Awareness and Positive Choices Quizmo Game This two-in-one game builds awareness about drugs and the alternative choices people have when confronted with drugs. Remote Control Anger Game Learning to control anger is a vital part of social and emotional development. Game encourages cooperative play (practice taking turns), and social awareness.

, Telling the Truth, Never Give Up, Following the Rules, and Think Before You Act. Players pull blocks from the stack, being careful not to let it topple, and ask each other questions from the included Self-Esteem deck of questions. Twenty different statements and strategies cover the ball and help players deal with a particular problem. Healthy Choices Ball A tool for encouraging students to choose a healthy lifestyle, this ball is covered with statements that require critical thinking, such as "Describe a healthy meal" and "Give 2 reasons to say no to drugs and alcohol." Ball comes deflated. Players roll the cube and use both the word on the inside cube and the substance pictured on the outside cube to start a discussion. Includes more than 30 questions about how drugs and alcohol affect the body, relationships, and lifestyle. Deals with a wide range of topics related to bullying, including bullying on the phone and Internet. Game includes 36 two-sided game boards, calling cards, plastic markers, and instructional guide. This set of four card games teaches skills to help manage anger, using the remote control symbols "pause" to identify feelings, "rewind" to learn from past experiences, and "fast forward" to think about consequences. Includes 6 target bowls and 6 bean bags labeled with emotions that add up to one great party game.

Cards describe angry behaviors and encourage players to practice anger management skills. Includes competitive and cooperative versions for grades 1-5 and for grades 6-9. Children learn to identify words for different emotions.

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When Flowers Dance Flower watches sadly as the animals in the meadow run and jump, swim, and fly without her…until she gets her chance to join them…sort of! The hands-on activities use art, music, drama, and movement and are designed to get kids thinking about their own anger cues and the way in which they express their anger.Flower learns that her dreams can come true if she just waits for the right moment. And, sometimes, the smartest thing of all is not to do everything alone. You won't run out of activities to help youngsters focus on gaining control of their anger before it takes control of them.

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