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20-Feb-2016 04:32

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But, as her ordeal unfolded, Florence’s situation also attracted early campaigners for women’s rights.

Within hours of her husband James’s death in May 1889, and as Florence lay in a swoon, two of his old friends, Matilda Briggs and Constance Hughes – along with the truculent nanny Alice Yapp – had begun to ransack the drawers and cupboards of her home.They turned up enough arsenic in various packets of cat poison, flypapers, tonics and pills to fell a small village.

Emma Watson shows off her beatboxing skills while Lin-Manuel Miranda raps about gender equality in a new video to promote He For She, the UN’s campaign dedicated to women’s rights. ” In her piece, Lawrence noted she made significantly less money than Cooper and her other Celebrity Rumors Emma Watson the sun July 20th, 2015 Emma Watson was NOT targeted in a kidnapping plot, despite a report.… continue reading »

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