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Sometime around 1300 BC the first stage of construction began, many experts argue the different times of when Stonehenge was constructed (Historykings, 2011). [tags: Papers] - While reading Chapter One, the first thing that caught my eye was Stonehenge.

The most controversial thing about Stonehenge is its use. Though not a traditional piece of artwork such as a painting or sketch, this strategically placed grouping of stones has always had me intrigued.

[tags: Historic Landmark] - Stonehenge has been an epicenter for much discussion,confusion,controversy, and debates for many years especially in it’s homeland of the U. Stonehenge has puzzled and divided experts for decades. Whatever Stonehenge is it is a remarkable structure full of mystery and magic.

Between 19 was a major breakthrough when archeologist began finding the remains of Stonehenge, Today he remains of Stonehenge can be visited in the fields of Witt shire England, where it has stood for nearly 5000 years.

There are many thoughts of what Stonehenge was used for, some thoughts may be based on their religious and spatial beliefs.... This sculpture dates back to 2550-1600 BCE, and also is classified of one the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

These blocks of stone weighed up to 50 tons and the digging of the holes took many hours of labor (“About”). (What is Stonehenge, Abels, Harriete) There are many controversial debates about Stonehenge. Some of these controversies include Aliens, Glaciers, Merlin the Wizard, the Devil, and sheer man-power....

It was also very hard work and took much dedication if they wanted to build Stonehenge perfect.... [tags: Animal Bones, Local Myths] - Stonehenge Stonehenge, one of England most puzzling structures has historian, researchers and archeologists very unsure of it actually purpose.