Female celebrities dating athletes mypaysite dating

23-Dec-2015 17:14

Obviously, if you're a regular guy and you only have looks, you might not get the most beautiful woman--many times it'll depend on how good you look. your approach and personality, but if you have very good looks or you have money OR you're popular in some way you won't have to worry about your approach or personality--at least not to get the woman (keeping her is a different story--this is where all those celebrity divorces, as well as my theory of infidelity accompanying these types of men, come in).With their recent engagement, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have joined the growing number of Hollywood women who’ve found love with athletes.I figured out through years of observation a formula for attracting women if you're a guy, including the "most attractive women." You need at least one of three things--1) money, 2) to be well-known, 3) to be good-looking.As a woman, I figured this out in relation to odds that a woman is going to be the victim of infidelity, and my theory is if her man has any of those three he is not going to be faithful...because there will be too many women throwing themselves at him.

My thoughts behind this question is that I see many athletes date sexy women (according to today's standards and mines).They have model type of women in their dating life. Why are they able to date beautiful women after women?