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The city is divided into several districts; the three major ones are Taourit, Boumellel, and Hara El K' will bira, which in turn includes neighborhoods like Fatou, Thouirane, Houmet Eljouamaa and Binibandou.These three districts are located in the northern part of town.The city itself shelters a population of 44,555 inhabitants as of 2005 Many besides the Romans lived there, including Numidians, Punics, Arabs, Spanish, and Turks; the town was also home to many merchants and pirates for many years.The Battle of Djerba took place in the northern part of the city.Close to the fort is a large village which served as a market; cattle and woolen cloth were traded there, as were dried grapes.

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Houmt Souk is located on a plain on the northern coast of Djerba.There is an artesian well, called Bir Erroumi, 767 meters deep, which was dug under French rule.), meaning literally: "The Market neighborhood", is a commune and the main town of the island of Djerba, Tunisia.A popular tourist destination, it is best known for its traditional souk (market) and the Aghlabid fortress.

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French soldiers entered the town on July 28, 1881, and it remained a garrison until 1890, when its administration passed to civil French authority.In 1956, upon Tunisian independence, it became the capital of Djerba.