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The skirt continued to be full and bell-shaped until around 1865 when it began to lose its volume at the front and move its emphasis towards the back.Hair was worn with a centre parting tied into low chignons at the nape of the neck, with loops or ringlets covering the ears.High fastening and tight fitting frock coats were also very fashionable; though a new style called the sack coat (a thigh-length, loosely fitted jacket) became popular.The bowler hat was invented around 1850, but was generally seen as a working class hat, while top-hats were favoured by the upper classes.They also wore tight trousers and waistcoats, with high upstanding collars and neckties tied around them. Tiered cape-jackets were fashionable, as were paisley patterned shawls.

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1840s fashion is characterised by low and sloping shoulders, a low pointed waist, and bell-shaped skirts that grew increasingly voluminous throughout the decade. Hair was parted in the centre with ringlets at the side of the head, or styled with loops around the ears and pulled into a bun at the back of the head.

Paisley or crochet shawls were fashionable accessories, as were linen caps with lace frills for indoor wear, and large bonnets for outdoors. Very fashionable men sported low, tightly cinched waists, with rounded chests and flared frock-coats that gave them a rather hour-glass figure inspired by Prince Albert. In the 1850s, women's skirts were domed and bell-shaped, supported by crinoline petticoats. Long bloomers and pantaloons trimmed with lace were popular.

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