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14-Apr-2015 07:34

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Or do they just not want to believe what we women say about our lives?To go back to my male friends, you’d think that years’ worth of talk from me about my Ok Cupid experiences would be enough for them to know that they could, you know, just ask me about it, or even just believe me when I talk about it.Yesterday, it was the Reddit post (which isn’t even original).

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Last week, it was that Cracked article (written by a woman but geared towards a male audience).I’ve had male friends and acquaintances cry on my shoulder about being lonely, miserable, and rejected both online and afk.Not did it occur to me to doubt them when they told me about their experiences.Note: For the purposes of this post, heterosexuality is the premise. I am an accomplished Ok Cupid counter-troll and I’m not private about it.

Men seeking men are often subjected to the same things that women seeking men are subjected to, but I cannot speak for their experiences.Sure, I sometimes wonder about all those unanswered messages I’ve sent to men who claim on their very profiles to be frustrated with the lack of women who initiate, but I don’t doubt the overall fact that many men don’t get replies or message on Ok Cupid.