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20-Aug-2016 21:52

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In order to do that you need to make your pic as public. Commenting is one of the method which is unknown to many fb users to maximise likes. While you share a status it will see in others home page in the order they get posted.Due to large amount of updation from friends your status may go at last.In order to make visible first , to all friends home page you need to comment.Another advantage of commenting is that it will shown on the notification link Try to reply to all friends comments and increase your likes.

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Take a second and vote, then talk about why you voted the way you did in the comments. Facebook is the one of the most popular social networking website where user can share status to their friends in a single click. While sharing status on facebook, all may have a dream to get maximum likes to their status. Some times you may get only 10 or 20 likes even if you have hundreds of friends. Its only due to large sharing of status from friends, pages, or from groups. After you tag 50 friends remove all 50 friends after two or three days. Try this tagging process till all you friends get tagged in your pic.used Facebook Messenger for Android as an example of an app with some crazy-scary permissions back in December of last year (that post has been updated, by the by) and it got picked up again and went viral across both the Internet as well as mainstream media.The sky was falling, and Facebook was painted as a company that didn't care about you, your privacy, or your data. Facebook may not have the best privacy track-record, but they're not abusing Android permissions to steal your soul.

We like to think that we're all at least semi-educated about how things of this nature work (especially after Phil's explanation) so I wanted to ask about the Facebook Messenger app and see how many of us uninstalled it over this latest blow-up.You know the drill — there's a poll down below or you can find it on the front page in the right sidebar.