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Tulsa detectives were traveling to Pittsburg County to continue the investigation, he said.

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Pittsburg County sheriff’s deputies arrested Marshall without incident later Friday after he was stopped in a vehicle, Walker said.

three eldest burgesses, Isaac Jacobs van Bebbor, Recorder, Paul Wulf, Clerk, Andrew Soupli, Sheriff, Van [mistake for Jan] Luken, Constable." W U Francis Daniel Pastorins ly poor children may be freely maintained, taught & educated in good Literature, untill they are fit to be pict out apprentices, or capable to be masters or ushers in the said School."^^ This petition was duly considered by the Council and granted at the same session. that we always might obedient Children prove, Dread, love and worship God, the only Father, which Beyond all Fathers is, most Bountiful and Rich. How be't they kiss'd, they buss'd, & dandled us so long, Till with their Flatteries, & lulling Midwife's Song, They Dun'd our Juicy Ears, And in our Nurse's Lap, Outwearied by these Tunes, we took a Gentle Nap ; Title Page of Pastorius' "Alvearialia. (is my repeated cry,) The third time to the land of thy Propriety ! That this church was considered as community property is further seen from the fact that the court was held in it.'*** " Cf. g6 Francis Daniel Pastorius In this same chapter Pastorius takes the opportunity of com- menting upon the Lutherans in particular, showing that he was still enough interested in them to regret their shortcomings and indifference : "The Swedes and High Germans are Evangelical and have their own Chirch, whose minister is called Fabricus, of whom I must say with regret, that he is much given to drink and still almost blind in the inward man. Record of Marriages and Births of the Abington Monthly Meeting : "Witness of Marriage of Peter Shumaker Jun and Margaret Op de Graeff both of Germantownship Frances Daniell prestoreys" "The Children of Francis Daniel Pastorious. 2 mo 1698: A paper from the last Yearly Meeting of London was directed to the monthly & quarterly meetings in Pensylvania, East & West Jersey, for the Collecting of all George Fox's books & writings in these parts. Philippi Theophrasti Bombasts Faracels Opera in zwey theilen, fol.

12 mo 1706-7." The Record opens thus : "Anno 1691 The sixth day of the eighth month the first Court of Record was held at Germantown in the public meeting house before Francis Daniel Pastorius Bailiff, lacob Felner [mistake for Telner] Dirk Isaacs op de Graef and Herman Isaacs op de Graef. To move & live to Him, in Whom we live and move, Oh ! By Angels, Parents, Friends ; Nay oft by wretched Foes, Who, aiming at the Head, could scarcely hit our Toes. ) a Nine-month Closed in A dark and narrow Vault, (Concluded under Sin, Old Adam's Progeny,) were usher'd, that we should As well our Genitors, as other men behold ; But presently we wept, quite overwhelm'd with Fears, Forecasting, that we came into a Vale of Tears. Francis Daniel Pastorius 89 Wild Beasts & creaping things make lawful Gospell-Meat.-^ Paul's suff'rings threefold were, on this & th' other wise,^^ For Satan's Buffeting he sighs to Heaven thrice.^" Thrice therefore Welcome Penn! Having enumerated these confessions he mentions the fact that a little church had been built in 1686 in Germantown for the community, thus implying that all worshipped together. Seidensticker, Bezichungcn der Deutschcn an den Schwcdcn in Pennsylvanien {Der Deutsche Pronier, VI, 427). Those of the Augustan Confession, falling into the odium of the more rigid L. Those referring to Pastorius' teaching in the Friends' School in Philadelphia have been given already, and need not be repeated here : The Records of the Abington Monthly Meeting of the Friends contain the following entries. 1715 : William Preston Daniel Pastorius Richard Lewis & Ryner Tyson are appointed to attend ye Quarterly Meeting." The Minutes of the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting contain the following entries : "Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia 29 d. iim 1697: It being proposed to this meeting that a printing press would be very serviceable to friends belonging to the Yearly Meeting, Daniel Pastorius of Germantown is willing and thinks he may be Capable of managing the same, therefore the meeting requests Samuel Carpen- ter or any other friends to send to England for a press and letters or such things thereunto belonging as cannot be gotten here and this meeting, if the Yearly meeting doth not approve thereof, doth prom- ise to see him or them paid for the same." "Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia 29.