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12-Jan-2016 11:03

Free Emergency Eye Examination Under WECS/PEARS At eye2eye opticians our optometrists are accredited to provide free emergency appointments under PEARS(Primary Eyecare Acute Referral Service) and WECS (Welsh Eyecare Service) usually on the same day or within 24 hours.

A major problem with video chat is people cannot have a conversation while retaining eye contact. Since eye contact is an essential part of any communication from casual chats to business calls, this simple solution may be able to help. Although the device is a bit bulky, it easily slides off when you’re done chatting.

If you'll be having eye drops to dilate the pupils make sure you won’t be driving home, and have sunglasses available as everything will seem brighter and more blurred for some hours afterwards.

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When you book the appointment, mention any vision problem you are having so that enough time is set aside for the tests you need.If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring them with you for the eye tests.