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Unfortunately for Miller, life in the JSDF wasn't as glamorous as he had hoped.

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He then returned to Japan, only to find that his mother wasn't angry that he had left her behind, but that she had simply forgotten who he was entirely, her mind having been affected by a disease she contracted during her days as a prostitute.

Shortly after returning, he joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces, both to pay for his mother's hospital bills, and also as a way for him to get a taste of the battlefield.

We will be stronger than ever, for our peace.", also known as Mc Donell Benedict Miller and Master Miller, was the subcommander of both the Militaires Sans Frontières and Diamond Dogs, and later, the survival trainer of FOXHOUND.

This "pain" is ours and no one else's: a secret weapon we wield, out of sight.

However, his father had left his mother some money prior to leaving, which she used to set up a shop, selling items such as cigarettes to occupation troops.When Kaz was ten years old, his mother became ill, leaving him to run the shop by himself.

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