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Visiting the Farmhouse is like traveling back in time from the wood-plank floors, timber walls and large collection of antiques dating to the 1700’s.The Farmhouse with its rustic appearance and unspoiled open space allow you to experience the look and feel of early Americana, while enjoying all the conveniences of today.The authentic main house is actually three combined structures shipped to California from different parts of Appalachia.It is over 200 years old with soaring ceilings, majestic fireplaces, chandelier lighting, period furnishings and panoramic view windows.The Farmhouse rests in a secluded mountain bowl of rolling hills and flat meadows, with an endless sunset vista to the west.Its stunning beauty and setting have served for many years as an amazing background for vacationers and special occasions.Price-tags for well-preserved T-shirts can be surprisingly steep, and the keenness of the market reveals it pays to know the power of provenance.Sydney-based artist Glenn 'Glenno' Smith scraped money together by working shifts at Mc Donald's to see his first concerts.

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Their needs are being met by others who are dusting off teenage treasures still lurking at the back of the wardrobe.Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse is a unique and private location where Appalachia meets the wilderness of Southern California.Located 3 hours north of Los Angeles in the low mountains above the famous Santa Ynez Valley wine country, the Farmhouse is available to rent short- or long-term for a special getaway.Click here to book the Farmhouse for your own memorable experience.

If you started going to gigs before the turn of the century, it's likely most of the T-shirts you proudly accumulated and lovingly wore have long since fallen apart or been consigned to the charity bin.

"Like everyone else, I'm trying to reclaim and remind myself of those years now," he says.

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