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Opportunity for students to increase mental health literacy and learn ways to care for themselves and each other in a positive way.

The symposium is a one day student event with an expert in the field of social media and mental health.

Hallmark has a fine history of truly abysmal movies, all with the cheapest production values and usually with one known actor amid a crowd of unknowns. I haven't a clue who the actress is that plays Brooke, the daughter. I hope everyone who reads this realizes the great sacrifice I made in sticking with this movie till the end, just so I could honorably write this review. I know it's cheaper to film in Canada, BUT STOP IT ALREADY!!!! We KNOW it's set in the United States (supposedly Washington State), but we can tell it's Canada. I get homesick for the States watching these movies. I was truly concerned for the horses in this movie.

I've ridden all my life, and there's nothing so slick and treacherous as mud (except, perhaps, loose slate in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming).

Bishop Carroll High School’s student lead mental wellness team is called ‘Living Aware, Living Informed, Living Empowered’.

Yet ANOTHER horsey movie in which no one knows the last thing about horses, especially the riders. The story is again the same - overbearing parent who needs to learn a "life" lesson. Mom flitters around the background, uttering bleats of concern, all the while plucking a guitar for her lost dream of being a singer.A child who is devoted to her family, even to the point of being used by them for their own gain. What this movie needs for all its lost characters is a big EXIT sign.Who's Frank #whosfrankyyc An anti-bullying initiative. English 1101 Dual Credit with Mount Royal University Transitioning to University: A unique partnership with Mount Royal University where students can complete a University level English Course while in high school.Yet ANOTHER Hallmark movie that adds nothing to entertainment.

These poor animals were in mud up to their hocks, and I was concerned one of them might get seriously hurt.Move production to Arizona or Texas - make it easier on the animals.

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