Event itemupdating which wasn t handled

15-May-2015 08:09

If the user enters a duplicate the database complains about a primary key violation (which is what I want) and an exception is thrown.

a simple Form View/Sql Data Source to handle inserting records into a table.

The table has a primary key that the user enters (eg Discount Code).

Instead of row kind of style editing like the How would you get programmatic access to items in the Edit Item Template?

I need to set focus a control in there and I can't seem to find a handle to controls in that template.

We will follow the previous post example for the data editing.

The first thing you have to do to add the data editing capabilities is defining the Edit item and Insert item templates.

Last week I delivered a session at Share Point Portuguese Community 36th event.

, in the past there was a lot of attempt to allow the users to insert data through Header or Footer Template which is no longer required.In this post I will show you the full data editing capabilities of and code.