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27-May-2015 19:58

Orlando Bloom got married a year or two ago and his wife (Miranda Kerr) was already pregnant before the marriage. R12, I think it's very likely that Elijah Wood is gay.

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I don't think Orlando pings, and it's not true that only closet cases get upset with inaccurate reports. After several sessions of electro-shock therapy, they are now both confirmed "heterosexuals" with significantly shrunken cerebral matter. Who cares if they've ever been laid in their lives, and I could easily believe they haven't.Some people just don't like stories connecting them with other people who they aren't actually involved with. Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lily's relationship never looked fake to me, unlike the Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart charade. Elijah Wood could be gay, if he is he should just come out, he's really got nothing to lose. I have never posting anything about Lord of the Rings. Ah, yes, R40, R42 and R46, Cannes 2004, the pictures and events that launched a thousand fanfics!! It's very convenient that he chose Miranda to get together with.Billy got married in 2010 and has a kid, Sean we know about - but these two....after all the years of speculation could it be they ere gay all along?

I remember sometime back during the LOTR days, there was a rumor that Orlando was upset after he presented some British award to Ian Mc Kellen, and in his speech, Mc Kellen said something like: "The organizers must have known I'd go anywhere for the chance to kiss Orlando Bloom." Supposedly, Orlando later informed the press that he 1) is not gay, and 2) had a girlfriend. Only the closet cases would care about something like that.[quote]He's pinged for me ever since.Only the closet cases would care about something like that. I do believe that although Bloom is married and has a kid, he's no stranger to other men's dicks. Look, in order to be cast as a hobbit, an actor has got to be completely lacking in sex appeal.