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Robert H. 45, 'The mystical coinherence through Christ of the personal and the ecclesiological implies a dissolution of the gap between Julian as differentiated subject of religious experience and the total community of her fellow Christians'. the Lord and the Servant, use Anselm and Augustine, and are especially illuminating on the slade as also the Virgin's womb, as Julian states, and II. 'Human nature was/is created in a primary sense for Christ himself so as to be shared with all human beings, the adopted children of the Father and Christ's own brothers and sisters', p. The Powers of the Holy: Religion, Politics and Gender in Late Medieval English Culture. The Powers of the Holy: Religion, Politics and Gender in Late Medieval English Culture is thus an important, and deeply scholarly, book.

Especially fine is his perception, albeit pretentiously worded, p. A English Marxist and an American Feminist come together to do Theory upon Wyclif, Piers Plowman, Julian of Norwich and Chaucer.

And he speaks of Benedict's Rule, Guigo II's Scala, Augustine's Confessions, Bernard's On the Song of Songs, Aelred's De Institutione Inclusarum, Catherine of Siena's , on contemplative lectio divina .

He notes parallels also to Catherine of Siena and Birgitta of Sweden 's writings.

The major fault of most of these studies is the commonly believed ordering of the texts, the Short Text first, the Long Text later, and the Westminster Text ignored.

Much Julian scholarship is secondary, scholars quoting scholars, and thus building upon faulty premises.

Christopher Abbot has mercifully not set about proving the progress from one text to the other, but instead has sought to understand Julian.

A thorough study of all the Julian of Norwich, Showing of Love, manuscripts and their true ordering, garnered from primary research, is about to be published.

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But in the Lynn, Norfolk, Promptorium Parvulorum (Early English Text Society, Extra Series 102, 'Agis sevyn', column 7), we are given the Roman sense of youth as up to fifty, certainly beyond thirty, years of age. On page 8, Christopher Abbot queries 'xxx' as being 'yowth'.

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