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15-Nov-2015 21:05

Anne Curtis says her sister Jasmine and boyfriend Erwan Heussaff treat each other like siblings.

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We don’t post mushy pictures on Instagram.” As for settling down, the 29-year-old actress said she’d like this to happen in three or four years.How would you assess your recently concluded TV program, “Dyesebel”? Erwan just [felt] awkward about the setup in the beginning. That’s the best part of being in a relationship with someone mature. It helped that I was already in the biz when we met.It’s safe to admit that it suffered because it wasn’t canned, pero naitawid naman namin. He may not have worked out for me as a boyfriend, but he’s amazing as a friend. He complained that I spent more time with my ex than him. Also, he’s half-French, and very liberated in that sense. Time’s smartest celeb Leonardo Di Caprio often tweets about environmental conservation. I think they based the result on several things, like the way you tweet or spell.Did you have to adjust to working with your ex-boyfriend? What was your reaction to making Time magazine’s list of “50 smartest” celebrities? All my (6.8 million) followers know that my Twitter account is a bunch of everything.

It can be about social or environmental awareness or random things, like my outfits in “It’s Showtime,” or my movie.

"She also briefly clarified the context behind the photo, saying it was an inside joke between parties and that the picture was "wrongly screencapped" online.