Error updating locale cisco phone

20-Apr-2015 22:02

With Vo IP technology growing so rapidly, the marketplace so too has an ever growing selection of hardware options available for system implementations.

The Cisco IP Phone series has solidified its position in the community as the leader of high quality and reliable hardware with feature rich firmware and a good range of supported protocols.

The first component of the system will obviously be the Asterisk IP PBX server.

For the sake of this guide I’m going to assume that this has been installed on a server with default settings.

One of the most valuable and available resources in setting up systems has been peer communities.

Both local and online resources will assist in working the kinks out of your system. A large number of Asterisk / Cisco configuration issues are identified and often fixed here.

I’d also like to give a special thanks to Sean Walberg for suggesting Wireshark (tshark) for helping to debug connection and other TCP/IP issues (along with an immense amount of guidance and other troubleshooting tips) and to Angel Castaneda for always providing helpful suggestions to get me pointed in the right direction.

Now, with the introduction out of the way, let’s begin.

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Superb call quality, a large easy-to-read display screen and user-friendly button layouts/designs make the Cisco phone models of old and late some of the best hardware available for IP-based phone systems.

However, for all their outstanding advantages, configuring these phones to work with a non-Cisco managed Vo IP network can be a bit of a chore.