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24-Sep-2015 21:09

Additionally, you may still lose data if more than one of your nodes have corrupted the same data.In that case you’d probably need to restore from a snapshot which is a very different subject to what we cover in this post.Secondly, we’re running Cassandra with a Replication Factor (RF) of 3, which ensures there are at least 3 separate nodes in the cluster with a copy of every piece of data.This is a recommended RF for Cassandra clusters and ensures that if you lose one node, you’ll still have a copy of all your data available from the remaining nodes. This is exactly what happened to us in the last week, and I wanted to share the steps we took to fix the corrupted data in a safe way, without losing any data. And when it happens to Cassandra’s data files, one form it can take is of a corrupt SSTable file.

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If you’re running Cassandra but you aren’t sure about the implications of the Replication Factor, read up on it.

Thirdly, actual keyspace and column family names have been replaced with respectively. Cassandra regularly performs housekeeping on its data files, taking care of compaction, compression, writing new data to disk, and recording various database activities.

Before we start, there are a few important things to note: Firstly, we’re running Cassandra 1.2.8, so the output, commands and steps we took were performed using that version.

If you’re running a different version of Cassandra, particularly v1.2.8 and you don’t encounter any corruption at all!

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If something’s awry with one of these files and it doesn’t work as normal, Cassandra will shout out about it in its log files: While investigating high load on this node, I spotted this scary looking exception in Cassandra’s main log file.

It announces that in this particular case, Cassandra had trouble reading the keyspace-cf-ic-4698file due to a corruption error.

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