Error has occurred sp4 system updating w2k Camchat hotcam

09-Jul-2016 17:49

I've found one other user who also had this problem.

All have been able to gracefully back out of the installation.

Seen mention of issues that may be related to URLscan and certain mime types being blocked that could prevent certain parts of the SP from being installed, just rumors at this point, nothing confirmed.

(this is confirmed working as designed, see section 3 of the EULA for a shock) (3) Two reports of icons changing, AD users & computers icons and all MS Office icons changed to the unknown type icon. (4) If you remove Service Pack 4 (SP4) from a Windows 2000-based computer, your scheduled tasks will NOT run. (note just received confirmation on a second VPOP3 problem, been told that VPOP3 doesn't recognize RAS intermittently after applying SP4) (6) A few reports of 100% cpu usage after applying the service pack, one solution was to let it sit overnight and by morning the cpu had returned to normal, speculation was it was some sort of dll cleanup operation going on.

(7) 2 reports now of SP4 and one of the post SP4 hotfixes messing up Dell poweredge servers. I had this happen on a Dell poweredge 2450 server but the problem was that it wouldn't shutdown properly after applying the service pack, reloading the dell intelpro100 driver cured that.

(1) Some folks are reporting incomplete installation, more as it develops.

(8) Right Fax Enterprise Server ver 7.2, 8.0, & 8.5 has an issue with SP4, seems once you install SP4 you can't login to the admin interface (it works otherwise).It generates an error "Login to fax server is not currently possible because the Rightfax RPC Server Module and/or the RIght Fax Database Module are not currently running." even though the service is running.The errors are a "unable to write scriptmaps metabase entry" and a "regsvr32 failed to register 5" error.(2) I've been told if you have automatic updates disabled, SP4 will re-enable them so you need to check that after applying the service pack. (5) Some issues with VPOP3 and RAS not functioning correctly after applying SP4. Apparently SP4 complained when the buffer passed for results was larger than expected, so you can't use a generic buffer now, it has to be correctly set up.

Uninstalling SP4 resolves the issue so at least it's reversable for now. NEWS: there are rumors of a fix available, file called EFM.

EXE from Captaris (still beta afaik) (9) SQL server 2000, had one report that the user tried to install SP4 and received an error message "can't connect to the metabase" and then it gave him the choice to continue with an incomplete upgrade or to back out so he choose to back out.