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But her grandmother was timid, and a worrier, and did not approve of Amelia's tomboy tendencies, so Amelia kept her pony-riding, tree-climbing, snow-sledding, and hunting activities to herself.

Her parents were only 50 miles away, and she summered with them, so she remained close to them during these years.

One of her favorite poems was "Atalanta in Calydon" by Algernon Charles Swinburne; it's a poem about a warrior maiden, who hunts and kills a boar with Meleager.

From the first grade, she attended the College Preparatory School in Atchison.

Over the years, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart has spawned almost as many conspiracy theories as the Lindbergh Kidnapping and the Kennedy Assassination. At the age of three, she was sent to live with her grandmother (her namesake), mainly because the old woman needed company and a distraction from the deaths of her mother, her son, and her daughter-in-law, as well as the poor mental condition of her husband Alfred.The grandparents (or grandmother) raised Amelia during her early childhood.She learned to build and make things with her own hands, once making a crude roller coaster out of two-by-fours, a packing box, and roller-skate wheels.She was an avid reader, and even as a child read , and the novels of Dickens and Thackeray.

When she was seven, her father Edwin took the family to the St.

Louis World's Fair, where, on riding the Ferris wheel, she learned that she rather enjoyed heights.