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He has gradually learnt to accept the changes in his body and the constraints that came with it, along with his doctors’s presumed ignorance about his condition when he accidentaly bumps into a fellow student that doesn’t set off his disorder: Connor Erichssen.

While their encounter and rapid bonding brings Theo much happiness and new sensations he never had the chance to experience before, the mystery about his condition thickens: what set Connor appart from others? And then there’s Lee, Theo’s rather possessive childhood friend, who seems less than pleased by the recent turn of events…Also worth noting that 2112 is a one-woman production, and everything in the game including the artworks, the 3D-rendered backgrounds, the soundtracks, the script and the programming was done by a single person.

#its a shame i wish i could have played it The dev blog is not down! Demo (レムレスブルーの午前2時 体験版)At two in the morning, I fell in love with a ghost.

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Official Dev blog | Patreon | Lemmasoft thread | Demo Theo Farrah is a 18-year-old student in a sixth form college who became a partial cyborg after a violent agression that severely damaged most of his left side when he was twelve.

Since then, he also developped a strange disorder that gives him painful sensations whenever he touches or is touched by other humans that can lead to fainting and episodes of depression.

There are also several potentially upsetting themes and situations depicted in this work.

The distributor will not be held liable for any loss or damages caused by the use of this software.

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Please exercise caution before/whilst playing, thank you for understanding.✾ Screenshots: Click here. ~ If you guys want to see your own character inside Camp buddy, please have a look at this suggestion box in my patreon! https:// last week I’ve been doing sprites for attack animations, some polishing things here and there… I’m still not 100% certain if I want painted or sprite-based battlebacks, but I figure that of all things, it would be the easiest to change that later.There’s a lot more enemies then say, backgrounds, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Go through all kinds of absurd and funny situations to raise your stats and seduce one of your classmates.

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