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14-Feb-2016 20:28

You can send texts for free from a few Internet sites and don't even need to use (or possess) a mobile phone.So how do all you parents who "snoop" hope to keep up with that? My kids (who are now adults) had their own phones which they'd bought themselves and paid for the pre-paid credit themselves. If a kid/teenager is mature enough to be doing chores and/or part-time work in order to maintain a mobile phone, they're entitled to privacy.In the UK, most children with mobile phones have "Pay-As-You-Go" tariffs.This means they top up their phones themselves from their own pocket money.So frankly, it's intrusive to be examining a child's phone on a regular basis.And most kids are smart enough to know how to delete things that are private.And if they happen to make a mistake, which all kids do, they expect to receive a consequence.Clear, honest communication + reasonable consequences = a happy, well-rounded teenager/family.

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In many cases they BOUGHT the actual phone themselves.They are given money to have their own stewardship over or they earn money from doing chores around the home, little jobs in the neighbourhood etc ....