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02-Sep-2016 20:59

Let's count together: - Selina bumps into Jiro during the take and is close to him. - Wonderful zoom action on Jirlina.

Ella is sipping the product before gasping at the sight of Chun surrounded by Hebe and Selina. Ella Declines Getting Wu Chun to Teach Malay Songs During the press conference, Ella appeared “almost expressionless” and unhappy throughout.

Hearing this, Selina and Hebe immediately looked proud and arrogant, causing a funny sight. E once sang a Cantonese song for their Hong Kong concert to the delight of Hong Kong fans, hence reporters asked if they planned to sing a Malay song for Malaysian fans. ” Being frequent guests of Malaysia, the trio is already very familiar with Malay greetings.

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Not only is it of decent quality, but it has A LOT of... It's only 15 seconds long but there is a Chunella moment beginning at .

Despite Selina and Hebe tried to keep talking about happy matters animatedly, Ella did not seem to be influenced by them.

There would even be times when she turned slightly away, seemingly deep in her own thoughts.

But when it comes to singing a complete Malay song for their concert in Malaysia, the trio felt that it is probably mission impossible.

The host of the event then suggested to Ella that she could look to Wu Chun for lessons and she asked in return, “Doesn’t Wu Chun speaks Brunei language instead?” It was only then she realized that the Brunei’s Malay and Malaysia’s Malay are fairly similar.

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